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Hongkou Football Stadium

Location : 444# Eastern Jiangwan
  Road HongKou Shanghai
Attraction type : Entertainment
Traffic : Line3 or Line8

Hongkou Football Stadium is established at the site with 46 years in the glorious history named the Hongkou Stadium. It is a professional football with multi-functional comprehensive sports venues, started on Feb. 22, 1998, Completed on Feb. 22 1999 and at the same year, opened officially on March 14. It is not either the first professional football in our country but also the Chinese Super League (formerly the A League A) Shanghai Shenhua Football Club home. Hongkou Football Stadium not only has held high-level international and domestic football matches ,organized large performing arts with the features and functions, also developed a fitness and recreation for the public entertainment with ping-pong hall, badminton, gym, billiards room, squash court and other recreational facilities and Monopoly and other sports facilities. In order to serve the general public better, combined with social trends, the course has developed a platform to introduce taekwondo, climbing, hip hop, yoga and other new projects. These supporting services and facilities for the guests to the golf course provides a good communication space and ideal shopping, fitness and leisure world..

Wujiaochang Commercial Centre

Location : Yangpu District, Shanghai
Attraction type : shopping, entertainment,
Traffic : Rail Transit Line 10

Wujiaochang is located in the Shanghai Yangpu district with the development of the modern business, facilities, transportation, universities, the overall advantages of Wujiaochang has been completely obvious. Wujiaochang is one of the top ten commercial centers, it also promote the development of surrounding areas . Wujiaochang in the development of Yangpu play a crucial role in the. Its famous of Commerce, science and the international standards which will be the direction of Wujiaochang in the future. The three northern regions will be divided into different functions. The main project in the southern commercial is business, shopping centers which to meet consumers high-level demand. Chuangzhitiandi is located in Central, the main orientation is an international public service cultural centers and business plaza.

Fudan University

Location : 220 Handan Road,
  Yangpu District,Shanghai
Attraction type : Cultural Tourism
Traffic : Rail Transit Line 10

Fudan University is one of national key universities ,originally called Fudan Public School which is the the first independent institutions of high quality education. Fudan people of several generations continue work hard and with the " 211 Project "," 985 Project "established, the school has gradually developed into an include philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering , medicine, management science and other subjects with a complete range of comprehensive research university. existing four campuses of Handan, Jiangwan, Fengling, Zhangjiang. Fudan University was founded in 1905, originally called Fudan Public School which is self-founder of the Chinese people the first institutions of higher learning. The "Fudan" word from Mr. Ma Xiangbo who is the well-known educator selected from "The Book of Great Biography - Yujia Biography", "ASE China, Fudan Dan Xi"aimed at self-improvement, self-sustenance of Chinese intellectuals at school, After a hundred years, the school personnel training, innovation and technology, heritage of civilization, social services have made outstanding contributions to the country. Fudan students to remember these "erudite Atsushi, Inquiring and Reflecting "motto; adherence to" civilization, health, unity, work hard "school spirit; to exercise" hard, rigorous, realistic and innovative "style of study, made field" patriotism, dedication, academic independence and the Sea, the pursuit of excellence "Fudan spirit, for national liberation and revitalization of the country's construction and development of social civilization and progress made important contributions. In 2006 the school developed a" Fudan "Eleventh Five Year Plan" Outline "to lead one step further today toward its ambitious aim of becoming a leading university in the world..

Lu Xun Park

Location : North SiChuan Road,TianAi Branch
  HongKou District,Shanghai
Attraction type : Cultural Tourism
Traffic : Rail Transit Line 8

Lu Xun Park, formerly Hongkou Park, is located in the North Sichuan Road in Hongkou District of Shanghai. The park occupies 286,300 square meters. It was founded in Guangxu 22nd Qing Dynasty (1898). Now, it is an important historical and cultural memorial park, which is also the first sports park in China.

Lu Xun Park has more than 700 million visitors per year. The park has National Cultural Relic’s Protection Units, Lu Xun's Tomb, Lu Xun Memorial Hall, Modern History of Yinfeng Ji owed Memorial Meiyuan. The landscape of the park is in England style with hills, rivers, falls and bridge to compose gorgeous view.